Atelier Christian Gouel

Manufacturer and Restoror of Models

Mechanical Arts

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Our creations are entirely designed and made at my workshop in France. You are welcome in our workshop from Monday to Saturday, all year long, upon appointment.

New models

Box Mc Cormick International B450

Mc Cormick B450 2WD

Mc Cormick B450 4WD

Current events

We are currently working on 1/43 scale models.


We will be at Ijsselhallen Zwolle Landbouwminiaturen on Saturday 17th of November 2018 for the 30th Internationale. See plan

We will be at Chartres on Sunday 3rd of June 2018 for the 25th Exposition.

We will be at Vieux-Rouen-sur-Bresle on Sunday 25th of February 2018 for the 4th Exposition.