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Marcel Leyat is a special carmaker…He was as much of a carmaker as he was an aircraft manufacturer. The Leyats were built as planes without wings, going so far as to adopt the same propulsion system: a giant engine-powered propeller. These cars are immediately recognizable thanks to the propeller place in front. The construction itself is remarkable: these autos are entirely made of plywood (torpedo bodies & touring cars alike). Moreover, the cars have another particularity, which is to use absolutely no cogs. Everything is transmitted through cables and pulleys. Steering is made possible thanks to a rear axle that revolves around a kingpin. The engine is started by pulling a starting cord, just like in a lawn mower.

  • Scale: 1/6th
  • Theme: Indefinite
  • Model: Unique Piece upon order

The 1921 Sport Torpedo is a well known car amongst extraordinary cars connoisseurs, because it is permanently exposed in the Musée des Arts et Métiers of Paris. We had the pleasure of doing this model after they asked us to. This small car, painted yellow and blue, was used for a long time by a cosmetics salesman. Its small ABC engine of 1100cc could propel the 400kg car up to more than 100km/h. Contrary to planes, the driving seat was located in front of the car.

Creation entirely designed and made at my workshop in France.